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What started out over 20 years ago as a family hobby has turned into our very own success story. We are passionate about designing and building outdoor living spaces. Enjoying your weekends with family and friends on a piece of workmanship that is equally visually appealing is what it is all about for us.



360 Timber Projects offers timber decking in Cape Town and surrounding areas. A timber deck is a great add on or asset to any home. A deck will not only increase your properties value but it will make for a great braai or entertainment area. There are various timber options to look at when thinking of a timber deck.

A good layout is key. After all, we want to maximize your bang for buck. There are also ways in which we can create storage spaces in benches or under the deck, who doesn’t need a little extra space right? These are all options available to any of our customers.


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balau wood decking


This well-known Indonesian timber is incredibly sturdy and sometimes employed in areas wherever very little or no maintenance is needed. The timber turns to an ash gray color if not oiled. Balau is fitted a lot to coastal climate areas and has a tendency to shrink/move overly within extreme climates.

garapa wood decking


Garapa may be a South Yankee timber with an excellent yellow color that changes to red-brown once exposed to daylight. it’s terribly sturdy and stable and lasts well in most climates.

massaranduba wood decking


This enticing red-brown timber is uniform in color and on the market in long lengths. it’s one amongst the foremost sturdy and hardwearing timbers within the world and over the past 5 years has verified itself to last at the coast and in areas with extreme climate changes.

pine wood decking


It is an excellent exterior decking. If installed and screwed correctly, there is little reason that pine decking should not last for many years. It is one of our top selling decking products!




professional wood decking installation and maintenance cape town

If you don’t take care of the wood, it can rot, dry out, warp, crack and splinter, and nails can pop out.

But if you’re willing to maintain it, wood decking is beautiful, especially up close. Shown here is an ipe deck, which is a Brazilian hardwood known for its natural durability and for being weatherproof.

If you are entertaining the idea of having a deck then you should make contact with us for a free quotation and some advice.


maximizing storage in your wood deck cape town

Creating ample storage around the home is a challenge for most of us, especially when it comes to our yards. Just like indoors, the underside of a deck or staircase is a perfect space to convert into storage; use it for items such as garden tools, empty pots and outdoor recreational equipment.

Tip: Even if your deck is only 2 or 3 feet off the ground, creating a hatch for access to the crawl space is a good idea if you have utilities or pipes that run under your deck.


professional wood pergola installation and design cape town

What’s stopping you from having a tropical holiday in your own backyard and giving your guests a resort experience? Absolutely nothing! This pergola design is cleverly styled with decorative extras like plants and flames to actually set the vacation scene. Choosing a theme takes your place from home to ‘sanctuary’ and can define the space, making it easier to plan.

This design is cleverly styled with decorative extras like plants and flames to set the vacation scene. Choosing a theme takes your place from home to ‘sanctuary’ and can define the space, making it easier to plan.

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